Take part in a virtual clinical case discussion session on familial heart disease

Our cardiology clinical team has decided to organize post #ESCCongress2023 virtual clinical case discussion sessions on genetic heart disease to contribute to the widespread use of genetics as a diagnostic tool for your daily practice. In these sessions, our team will listen to any complex cases you have been finding in your practice and will offer clinical advice and support, working hand in hand with you during the diagnostic process. We can hold an individual session with you or a full clinical session with your whole unit.

One of the world leading experts in familial heart disease, Dr. Prof. William McKenna (Emeritus Professor of Cardiology, University College London), has been invited to join us in this initiative (depending on availability) to make this session more informative and to contribute to the creation of greater learning synergies. Don’t miss it!

Fill in the following form to join and tell us about any clinical case you would like to share in this session so that we can make the most of it.

We look forward to seeing you!

Our cardiologists, experts in genetics, will be there to answer your questions and offer you clinical advice

Juan Pablo Ochoa HiC

Juan Pablo Ochoa, MD

Ivonne Cárdenas, MD

Soledad García, MD

Almudena Amor, MD

Diego Cabrera, MD

María Valverde, MD

Dr. Prof. William McKenna
Emeritus Professor of Cardiology, University College London


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