Health in Code acquires Genologica and strengthens its leading position in the Spanish genetics market

Both companies have over 15 years of experience in the field of clinical genetics and share a vision of excellence in genomic diagnosis, aiming to provide healthcare professionals and patients with the best possible services.

• These two companies will work independently both at the commercial and operational levels but will work together in research and development.

Madrid, 24 July, 2023.

Health in Code, the leading genetic diagnosis company in Spain, has achieved a major milestone in the process of strengthening its position as a referent in the genetics market by acquiring Genologica Medica.

Genologica, created 15 years ago in Malaga, provides services aimed at the prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of hereditary and genetic diseases through the use of techniques and technologies for the study of the human genome, as well as comprehensive genetic counselling services both for patients and for medical specialists.

“Genologica shares our mission, strategy, and patient-centered approach. This merger will allow us to further strengthen our commitment to excellence by combining the expertise of both companies, which have been working in this field for over 15 years”, stated Víctor Llinares Bernal, sales director at Health in Code.

These two companies will work independently both at the commercial and operational levels but will work together in research and development. Each company will maintain its own service portfolio, although they will set out to create synergies that will result in continuous improvements in their services.

“Advances in our understanding of human genetics and genomics are increasing the importance of multidisciplinary collaborations among specialists in different areas and synergies among companies, institutions, and public research centers. Our integration into the Health in Code group will undoubtedly entail a major boost for new research and development projects to create innovative services aimed at personalized medicine”, said Javier Porta, PhD, scientific director at Genologica Medica.


A common goal: advancing genomic medicine

Health in Code and Genologica share a commitment to quality, excellence, and continuous innovation, relying on the development and implementation of the best technological and human resources available to offer the most accurate diagnosis. Two companies joined by a common goal aimed at healthcare professionals: improving clinical decision-making based on genomic data to enable personalized care and improved quality of life for patients and their families. 

This operation will allow both companies to jointly explore databases to increase their knowledge with the purpose of offering a better diagnostic service and promoting the implementation of personalized therapies to improve the patients’ prognosis. “This collaboration will allow us to get involved in more ambitious and complex research projects to speed up the advance of genomic medicine and its clinical application by means of accurate diagnosis and treatment optimization”, declared José María Porta, head of laboratory at Genologica.

The team at Genologica is composed of 13 professionals and has over 15 years of experience in the provision of genetic diagnosis services to support different genetic counseling units at the national and international levels. It was initially created as a spin-off company at the University of Malaga by three researchers, biologists and brothers: Javier, José María and Daniel, with the support of their father, the prestigious psychiatrist and humanist José María Porta Tovar, MD. The team is currently led by Javier Porta Pelayo, who has a PhD in Biology and has taught Genetics at the University of Malaga and Biotechnology at the Pablo de Olavide University in Sevilla.

Advances in DNA sequencing technologies currently allow knowing a patient’s whole genome sequence in a scalable fashion. This has revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of hereditary or genetic diseases. “Among our main innovation projects, we intend to develop services aimed at targeting these advances in whole-genome sequencing technologies and in scientific knowledge to improve diagnosis and treatment for patients and their families across all life stages”, added Javier Porta.

The Health in Code group was created more than three years ago with the merger of three companies with extensive experience in the field of clinical and healthcare-related genetics: Imegen, Health in Code and Genycell Biotech, with Alantra Private Equity as its main shareholder. From that moment on, Health in Code has maintained a solid growth, and this year it has relocated its central laboratory to the Valencia BioHUB, located in Puerto de la Marina, with innovative facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology. Its laboratory has recently incorporated the first NovaSeq X Plus (Illumina) device in Spain and is currently developing new clinical application in other multiomic areas. The company maintains its goals and intends to achieve a total €50M in revenue in 2024.