Imegen – Chimera

The transplant of allogeneic mother cells is the most effective immunotherapy procedure for the treatment of hematology diseases. It consists of extracting mother cells from a compatible donor and transplanting them in the affected patient in order to restore his immune system, while at the same time it allows for a better recovery after chemo or radiotherapy treatment.

The analysis of hematopoietic chimeras in blood or bone marrow has been established as a routine procedure for controlling the evolution of the transplant of allogenic mother cells and detect the patient’s relapse. This analysis is based on identifying an informative polymorphism that is present in the recipient and not in the donor, and that is therefore selected as a marker to distinguish the cells between both of them.

Patient follow-up is carried out by quantifying this marker at different times in a way that the detection of an increase of the receptor’s cells can help the clinician predict the patient’s relapse.

Chimerism analysis