TP53 OncoKitDx

Molecular genetic analysis of the TP53 gene by NGS

48 rxn (Dilution)

NGS sequencing


Illumina MiSeq

  • Qualitative analysis designed to identify by massive sequencing point mutations and small insertions and deletions in the coding regions, splicing, promoter region [5’UTR] of the TP53, as well as in the non-coding regions present in exon 1 and 2 .
  • This assay does not allow detection of large deletions and/or insertions.
  • Optimized for the detection of germline and somatic variants in DNA from both peripheral blood and tumor tissue.
  • Target regions with 500X – 1000X coverage.
  • Sensitivity and specificity > 99.9%.
  • Detection limit 2.5%
  • For in vitro diagnostic use.

TP53 OncoKitDx Due to the high frequency with which mutated TP53 appears in different tumors, TP53 OncoKitDx is optimized to detect germline and somatic mutations in DNA from both peripheral blood and tumor tissue. All this through multiplexed PCRs and subsequent sequencing with NGS platforms, high-throughput massive sequencing technology.

Compatible sequencers Illumina MiSeq
Amount of DNA needed 40 ng of gDNA
Type of sample DNA from peripheral blood, paraffin-embedded tissues, fresh or frozen tissue
Optimal readings per sample ≥20,000 PF clusters
Number of samples per run Illumina Miseq Micro (300 cycles): 48
Illumina Miseq V2 (300 cycles): 160
Sequencing Paired-end (2 x 150 cycles)
Manual work time 1 hour


TP53 OncoKitDx

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