Owl Metabolomics and Health in Code sign an agreement to expand their service offerings in the field of genomics, proteomics and metabolomics

Laboratorio Health in Code

Madrid, November, 8, 2023.

OWL Metabolomics and Health in Code, leaders in the omics sciences, have signed a strategic agreement to expand their service offerings in the fields of genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. This alliance will enable a more comprehensive and innovative approach to meeting the needs of their clients.


OWL Metabolomics is a leader in the field of metabolomics, using UPLC-MS technology to perform selective and sensitive analyses of a wide range of metabolites. Their services range from the identification of lipids, bile acids, and amino acids to the analysis of complex metabolic pathways and custom analysis. Furthermore, OWL Metabolomics offers advanced data science services for the interpretation of metabolic profiles and the discovery of important biomarkers.


Toni Felís, Director of the Business Unit at OWL Metabolomics, stated: “This agreement will allow both companies to expand our service portfolios to better meet the needs of our clients.”


Seeking to further expand the product and service offerings for their clients, Health in Code will promote OWL Metabolomics’ metabolomics services, thus reinforcing their comprehensive commitment to personalized medicine.


“Driving biological knowledge through multi-omic areas will allow us to answer key questions in research and apply discoveries to clinical practice to offer a personalized approach to patients,” affirmed Christian Pou, PhD, head of new omic areas development at Health in Code.


The agreement also includes the possibility of jointly developing R&D+i projects. With this global collaboration, OWL Metabolomics and Health in Code extend their service portfolios in personalized medicine and scientific research, providing cutting-edge services in genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics.


Health in Code is widely recognized for its genomic services, specializing in the diagnosis of genetically based diseases and the use of genomic data for the application of personalized medicine, facilitating the prevention, prognosis, and treatment of patients.


The company offers comprehensive genetic counseling and is strongly committed to research, development, and the continuous improvement of its services. Additionally, with the goal of increasing its service portfolio, Health in Code incorporated Olink proteomics services a few months ago.