Originated from the strategic merger of three leading companies with demonstrated experience
and competence in the field of clinical and healthcare genetics

Comprehensive and tailored solutions

High clinical value solutions for any challenge faced by healthcare professionals in the management of patients with genetic diseases



Full NGS genetic testing service performed entirely in our laboratories, from DNA sample reception to a specialized clinical report.



For internalization, we offer a variety of in-house sequencing kits with the CE-IVD mark, bioinformatics software, and access to our variant interpretation database. We also provide advice and support throughout the whole process.


variant interpretation

We perform clinical and molecular interpretation of genetic tests issued by other centers to determine the pathogenicity of each variant according to the most recent international guidelines.



Clinical genetic report of the results obtained from sequencing in the center, prepared by a multidisciplinary team consisting of physicians and biologists specialized in the genetic diagnosis of inherited diseases.

Specialist genetic counseling

We offer pre-test counseling to select the most suitable panel to study each case, as well as post-test counseling to interpret the results in the context of the patients and their families, always aiming for the highest yield and cost-efficiency.

Genetic studies for different specialities

We cover virtually all known diseases with a genetic basis

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We design and manufacture disease diagnostic kits for use in specialized laboratories



about research


There is always a clinical expert in your specialty on the other end to help you with genetic counseling, from diagnosis to treatment

We offer experience and access to the data in our database to work with knowledge together

Open to collaboration and joint research to further improve the application of genetics in clinical practice and continue to be at the forefront of expanding knowledge

All our processes have been duly accredited by both national and international organizations

siempre habrá un
experto disponible

Siempre habrá un especialista
al otro lado para un correcto
asesoramiento genético


Aportamos nuestra experiencia
y acceso a nuestra base dedatos para explotar el
conocimiento de forma conjunta

inquietud por
la investigación

Abiertos a la colaboración
e investigación conjunta para
seguir siendo una fuente constante
de ampliación del conocimientoen genética clínica y asistencial


Todos nuestros procesos están
debidamente acreditados pororganismos tanto nacionalescomo internacionales

Translational research

We work to provide utility and clinical applicability to the latest advances in the field of genetics. We prioritize the approach of new clinical applications demanded by hospital centers

About our projects

We bring genomics to everyone

Our objective is to provide companies and professionals all over the world solutions in advanced genetics that help them improve their services. Currently, we have clients in more than 30 countries. We currently have clients in more than 30 countries and strategic agreements with laboratories in Germany and Portugal.