Our team

Our team is formed by specialty physicians, geneticists, and molecular biologists who work side-by-side with software and bioinformatics engineers.

Becoming a leader in the field of genetics requires having a team of innovative, talented, and committed professionals.

Almudena Amor, MD, PhD
Head of Cardiology

Inés Calabria, PhD
Head of Oncology

Dra. Paula Vélez
Head of Atherosclerosis

Jose M. García-Aznar
Head of Immunology/Nephrology

Luis Ramudo, Pharm, PhD, BCPP
Head of Pharmacogenetics

Prof. William McKenna
Executive Clinical Advisor


Chema Fernández

Chief Financial Officer

Isaías García

Chief Commercial Officer / VP Corporate Development

Javier Martín

Information Systems Director

Victor Navarro

People Director

Mayte Cortell

Operations Director / VP Business Development

Ángela Pérez

Scientific Director

Juan Pablo Ochoa, PhD

Technical Director

Carlos Ruiz, PhD

R+D/Product Director

Greta Carmona, PhD

Genetic Diagnosis Director

Laura Rausell

We are a multidisciplinary team consisting of more than 200 highly qualified professionals specialized in different branches of knowledge who pull together to maintain their position as leaders in genetic diagnosis and counseling services.

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