At Health in Code we develop our own software to do our job much more accurately. And since it is already done, what better than sharing it with the world to continue growing together in knowledge.

Transform genomic data into clinical decisions

Datagenomics has been designed by experts in genetic diagnosis to support medical professionals with the clinical management of their patients

Datagenomics is a certified and fully automated bioinformatics platform, which allows to analyze NGS data and detect, annotate and pre-classify all kinds of genomic variants (SNVs, Indel, CNVs, microsatellite instability, structural variants, ALU insertions, etc.).

Datagenomics for hereditary diseases

  • Customizable filters and support tools that make analysis easy.
  • Access to multiple databases: Clinvar, OMIM, HPO, GnomAD and the Imegen DB, to categorize variants.
  • Graphic results of NVCs that will help you interpret the results.

Datagenomics for Oncology

  • We provide you with pre-categorized and interpreted actionable variants.
  • Access to multiple databases: Clinical Trials, PeCan, PharmaGKB and Imegen’s DB to analyze and interpret variants.
  • Automatic report of results that you can parameterize and personalize.

Design and management of family trees focused on diseases of genetic origin

Intuitive, agile, and secure. Build family trees easilys
  • Manage family trees in a simple and visual way
  • Draw directly in the most widespread format
  • Specify relationships in the family trees
  • Include an individual’s phenotypic data, diagnosis, and suffered events
  • Add new genes (on top of the already preloaded 17 000), genetic variants, and diagnostic tests
  • By being integrated with MESH, it allows the user to directly look up clinical concepts used by the tool