MSI OncoKitDx

Detection of microsatellite instability by capillary electrophoresis

48 rxn

Fragment Analysis


3730xl DNA Analyzer (ThermoFisher Scientific)

  • Qualitative analysis that evaluates eight markers: BAT25, BAT26, D2S123, D5S346, and D17S250, recommended by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) since 1997 and known as the Bethesda panel; and BAT40, NR21 and NR22, whose sensitivity and informativeness in different tissues has been demonstrated in numerous studies.
  • The markers D2S123, D5S346 and D17S250, highly polymorphic in the population, when they do not suffer from instability, are sufficient to evaluate the coincidence of tumor and normal tissue, ensuring the traceability of the samples.
  • Amplification range of 90-200 bp.
  • Includes a genomic DNA control at the optimal amplification concentration, containing normal alleles for the markers amplified in the kit.
  • For in vitro diagnostic use.

MSI OncoKitDx employs oligonucleotides labeled with different fluorophores in an assay that uses standard PCR technique to amplify regions of interest and capillary electrophoresis to detect potential instability of any of the eight microsatellite regions included in this analysis.

  • Amount of DNA: 10 ng
  • Type of sample: Paraffin or fresh tissue (Tumor), Peripheral blood (Germinal)
  • Number of reactions per sample: 1
  • Number of targets: 1
  • Manual work time: 30 minutes
  • Duration of the PCR program: 2 hours
  • Compatible thermal cyclers: Any conventional thermal cycler
  • Sequencing with polymers compatible with FAMTM , VIC® and NEDTM.

MSI OncoKitDx

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