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Owl Metabolomics and Health in Code sign an agreement to expand their service offerings in the field of genomics, proteomics and metabolomics

Laboratorio Health in Code

Madrid, November, 8, 2023. OWL Metabolomics and Health in Code, leaders in the omics sciences, have signed a strategic agreement to expand their service offerings in the fields of genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. This alliance will enable a more comprehensive and innovative approach to meeting the needs of their clients.   OWL Metabolomics is a […]

Massive Bio and Health in Code collaborate to enhance personalized oncology treatment through advanced genomic testing

massive bio health in code

Madrid, October 31, 2023. Personalized medicine leading companies, Massive Bio and Health in Code, have announced a groundbreaking collaboration. This partnership is set to redefine the cancer treatment by merging Massive Bio’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities with Health in Code’s advanced genomic testing.   This collaboration focuses on delivering personalized medicine to cancer patients, which […]

Health in Code acquires Genologica and strengthens its leading position in the Spanish genetics market

• Both companies have over 15 years of experience in the field of clinical genetics and share a vision of excellence in genomic diagnosis, aiming to provide healthcare professionals and patients with the best possible services. • These two companies will work independently both at the commercial and operational levels but will work together in […]

Dr. Charlotte Dravet: “Knowing the genetic origin of an epilepsy often allows to discard treatments such as surgery which should be an error”

charlotte dravet síndrome dravet

• Dravet syndrome discoverer, Dr. Charlotte Dravet, highlights importance of genetic studies in the improvement of diagnosis, which, according to her, has become possible earlier and has been given a strong basis. • “When the parents of a kid with epilepsy are well informed about the meaning of the genetics, they understand it is not […]

Molecular diagnosis has become essential in the study of inborn errors of immunity

• Health in Code sponsored the symposium “Primary causes of immune dysregulation disorders: the role of genetic testing in the process of diagnosing autoimmune/autoinflammatory disease” at the 44th Congress of the Spanish Society of Immunology, with the participation of doctors Ivona Aksentijevich and Elena Hsieh.   • José María García-Aznar, Head of Immunology at Health […]

10% of cancers are hereditary and predisposition to cancer can be detected with genetic tests


The most common types of hereditary cancer are breast, colorectal, ovarian, melanoma, renal, and retinoblastoma. Early diagnosis, chemoprevention, and preventive surgery are key for clinical management prior to disease onset. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has already placed cancer as the leading cause of mortality worldwide in 2030. Madrid, February 4, 2023.- […]

Javier García-Planells se incorpora a Health in Code para impulsar la excelencia científica en genética clínica

javier garcia planells

García-Planells cuenta con una trayectoria de más de 25 años en el sector de la genética y ya ocupó el puesto de Chief Scientific Officer en Imegen, una de las empresas originarias del grupo, durante 10 años. Su incorporación “es un reflejo de la apuesta de la compañía por mantener la excelencia científica, la innovación […]

Germany: A Key Step in the International Expansion of Health in Code

The leading Spanish genomics company has signed an agreement with the Institut für Rechtsmedizin (Forensic Pathology) of the University Hospital Frankfurt and DRK Blood Donation Service, which represents a key milestone in its international expansion objectives, with Germany being a priority country in the group’s strategy. It is an innovative project that seeks to lay […]